I’m a new customer!

If you have never ordered and created account with OrgBox, here is what you have to do.

     1. Create an account >  Make sure you create an account with OrgBox before ordering

     2. Select your product Go to Shop and select products you want > click add to cart

Note1 : You can create your weekly subscription by selecting the “Weekly Subscription” option on the product you would like to receive every week. One week after you place the first order, your order will automatically renewed with the product that you select on “Weekly Subscription” 

Note2: During the week after you place your first order, you can adjust the product list on your subscription by adding or removing the products as you like.

     3. Select payment method > Once you have added all the items to your cart and you click checkout it will lead you to the next page which is the checkout details. From there, you will be asked to choose which payment you would like  to do. Please, make sure to fill in the accurate details for you to receive the delivery.

Once you click the order now, it will go to Order complete and you will see a message that the order has been received. You will also be receiving a confirmation email from OrgBox Team on your first order.


How to Make an Order on OrgBox

How to Add a Product in your Weekly Subscription

How to Cancel a Product in your Subscription (or the  subscription itself)