We support local farmers first.

We prioritize in quality of our suppliers.

We have the most user friendly online organic shop and we provide the best customer service we possibly could.


OrgBox was started in 2016 with the idea of bringing an organic lifestyle to the homes of both locals and expats in Bangkok. Organic vegetables and fruits in Thailand can be difficult and costly to get if you´re a busy person so to make things easier for people OrgBox was created.

” We would like to make a it’s easier for you to prepare healthy food “


  About the founder   

A woman entrepreneur who turns her lifestyle into a sustainable business. OrgBox Thailand is her first self-funded business that she started as a hobby to begin with and then the business kept growing with a great potential.

“ Earlier in life we don’t pay much attention to our health but only enjoy our lifestyle to the max as we thought the time is limited. Later on we realize that the lifestyle we have on the early days make our lifetime even more limited –  Chompoonut Th, ”

“ I started this business from a change of my lifestyle at the point when I started to prioritize my health and wellbeing. I begin with cutting down on unhealthy drinks, stop eating pork, eat less meat and start eating organic vegetables. I admit it wasn’t easy to live a healthy life in Bangkok even if you really try.”

“I live in a city where there is a shopping center and convenience store every corner but not a lot of organic vegetable options are there. So every time I make my way through the traffic and get to the supermarket, I only get half of the shopping list as organic and the other half are not available on the shelf. And some of the products has been on the shelf for ages so I had to spend a bit of time going through those salad bags to find the fine quality one. Time after time it’s tiring just for the shopping part itself.”

“After a few weeks I realized buying organic vegetables is such a hassle. And I want to make it easier for me and for other people who has the same goal of lifestyle. So I started to study more about organic vegetables and look for a local suppliers that is willing to deliver to a small buyer like me. During the process I find that getting to know the farmer is very important because that shows how the product quality will be. When the certification only approve the process of organic farm, it is important that the farmer carry out the same farming process as when they apply for organic certification.” 

” I give priority to visiting the farmers, to support them with knowledge and assure them that they will have the market to sell they organic produces. I truly believe that’s the key to maintain OrgBox’s product quality and sustainability.
I really hope that we will become the first choice for all healthy crew in Bangkok and able to continue to expand our service to other area of Thailand” 


” Thank you for your kind support to OrgBox “


Chompoonut Th.
CEO / Founder

Chompoo has a bachelorfrom Kasesart University and she started OrgBox after she chose to live a healthy lifestyle.

Panuruj R.

Panuruj started with OrgBox as a new grad but he has contribute a great deal to OrgBox. He is in charge of customer service and much more.  

Punnaton K.
Support / Admin

Punnaton is the backend of orgbox, she makes sure all the production process running smoothly.

Thomas A
Marketing / Dev

Thomas has extensive experience in Web Development and Marketing and loves long trail runs