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Organic Bananas 5 pieces

60.00฿ available on subscription

Organic bananas are packed with essential nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, offering numerous health benefits such as supporting heart health and boosting immunity. They can be enjoyed on their own as a quick and nutritious snack, added to smoothies, oatmeal, or yogurt for a flavorful twist, or used in baking for naturally sweet treats like banana bread or muffins.

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Nutritional Facts & Benefits:

  • Heart-healthy potassium
  • Digestion-friendly fiber
  • Immunity-boosting vitamin C
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Kidney health support
  • Stress-fighting antioxidants


Store organic bananas at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate ripe bananas to extend shelf life, but consume them within a few days for best taste.

Tip: You can freeze ripe bananas for baking or smoothies; even though the skins will turn black, the flesh will still be good.

Weight 500 g
Organic Bananas 5 pieces

60.00฿ available on subscription

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