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Organic Celery-Ginger Mixed Cold-Pressed 300ml.

115.00฿ available on subscription

Organic Celery-Ginger Mixed Cold-Pressed Juice combines the refreshing taste of celery with the zesty kick of ginger, offering a burst of flavor and numerous health benefits. Celery is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while ginger adds anti-inflammatory properties and aids digestion. Enjoy this invigorating juice on its own or use it as a base for smoothies, cocktails, or salad dressings.

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Nutritional Facts & Benefits:

  • Rich in vitamins, especially vitamin K
  • Contains antioxidants for immune support
  • Supports digestion and gut health
  • May help reduce inflammation with anti-inflammatory properties


Store in the refrigerator to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. It’s best consumed within 48 hours of opening.

Weight 300 g
Organic Celery-Ginger Mixed Co...

115.00฿ available on subscription

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