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Organic Som Tum Set 2-2.5 kg

299.00฿ / week

The organic somtum set is perfect for Som Tum enthusiasts who love preparing their own authentic dish at home. It includes all the essential ingredients needed to create delicious and traditional Som Tum, such as fresh green papaya, chili peppers, lime, and more With this set, you can enjoy the satisfaction of crafting your own Som Tum to your preferred taste and spice level, ensuring a flavorful and satisfying culinary experience every time

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This set provides enough ingredients to prepare 3-5 servings of delicious Som Tum dishes. It includes a fixed selection of 8 organic ingredients:

  1. Organic Green Papaya: 1000-1500 g
  2. Organic Yard Long Bean: 250 g
  3. Organic Local Cherry Tomatoes: 200-300 g
  4. Organic Fresh Chilies: 50 g
  5. Organic Small Garlic: 50 g
  6. Organic Lime: 8 pieces
  7. Organic Cucumber: 150-200 g
  8. Organic Mixed Carrot: 150-250 g

With these fresh and organic ingredients, you can create authentic and flavorful Som Tum dishes right in your own kitchen.

Weight 2000-2500 g
Organic Som Tum Set 2-2.5 kg

299.00฿ / week

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